"Scribble Art Workshop is such a special part of our kids’ childhoods. "

We started taking our son to class at 18 months old and Scribble has been a part of our lives ever since! Its not just a place for "art class", its a community where our children are encouraged to color on the walls, get messy, touch and explore textures and materials, make their own art supplies, draw out of the lines (if there even are any lines) and really discover the world of art. With two kids at Scribble - one age 2 and one 4.5 - we can’t say enough about this organization.  All the teachers are incredible with our kids - its the first place we could ever leave our daughter for “drop-off” because she loves them so much. At Scribble, our kids get to do so much - they measure, mix, spray, shake, feel, roll, drop, squeeze, grow, love and learn. We are so lucky. 

-SS, parent

"Scribble has been a part of our family's life for four years."

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, we needed to find a safe and nurturing after-school environment for her. We were also looking for a place where she could let her "out of the box" creativity flow. When I told her that there was an edible art class, her eyes lit up. Throughout the years, when I tell people that my kids do printmaking, graffiti, woodworking, xylophone, yoga, and so on, their jaws drop. And it's not just about the classes. The thing that makes Scribble/Bread and Yoga so special is the wonderful community--caring educators and respectful youth coming together to help and encourage each other.  Listen in at the end of a class and you will hear students share their work in a gallery setting while the rest of the group gives feedback and suggestions. As a public school educator and lover of the arts, I highly recommend Scribble's programs.

-LK, parent

"Scribble Art Workshop is the art studio of my childhood dreams and now as a parent and an artist myself I get to make that dream a reality for my two young, super creative and curious kids."

I instantly connected with Sasha when I took my then two year old son to a mommy and me class just one week after moving to the Rivertowns.  A friend told me about the amazing work that Scribble was doing in our community and when I walked in I knew this place was the real deal and that I had met a kindred spirit. I love the Scribble philosophy that all people, not just children, are artists and have the capacity to be creative.  At Scribble my kids are encouraged to think outside of the box, to not be afraid to take risks with their art making, and most importantly to have fun and to enjoy the process of making art from first getting their idea to sharing and talking about their work with their peers.  Stretching your mind, being creative, making art and being an artist are magic and Scribble really gets this! I really love how the teachers emphasize that there are many ways to solve a problem, that all solutions deserve respect and attention, and that their work is important and impactful.  My kids are excited to go to Scribble (the space is so bright and beautiful and inspiring), to talk about their art and all the fun things they're learning from their incredible teachers, and they're excited to make art at home - all things that bring me so much joy as a creative person and mom.

-MS, parent

"Scribble has become such an important part of our lives in Dobbs Ferry."

The teachers are caring, thoughtful, and true champions of all of the children in class. They are focused on the child's experience and the process of making -- yet somehow the work that comes home is astounding (and frame-worthy)! We love Scribble and are so lucky to have their studios, teachers, and events right here in town. I can't recommend it enough!

-RP, parent

"Scribble Art has become such an important part of my family."

Our journey began with art classes when my son was just 20 months old. I loved watching him create and play with new materials and bring home fabulous works of art! This past year, my now almost 3-year old attended Too Cool for Preschool. It is incredible to see the love he has for his teachers and his school. He attended just one day a week and I swear he loves them as much as he loves his parents! Scribble teachers are the best. I never once questioned my son's happiness or safety while he was at school. Both drop off and pick up were always filled with smiles and excitement. I have no doubt that Scribble Art is the perfect choice for my family. Looking forward to the next school year!

-PG, Parent

"We are so grateful for Scribble!"

Our three children - now ages 9, 7, and 5 - have all had the wonderful opportunity to learn from and with Scribble for most of their lives. We took our first Scribble art class when our eldest was about 18 months old, and I remember being captivated by Sasha's warm, personable, direct connection with the children. She, like the rest of the Scribble teachers, speaks to the children as people, never speaking down to them like "babies", and makes each child feel valued as an artist and empowered with a new means of expression -- art. It has been a joy for me to see each of my children experiment with and discover their own voice as artists, and all three continue to thrive in Scribble programming even today. Julianne is an absolute gift -- her enthusiasm for her projects is contagious and is matched by her deep commitment to the students. She creates a warm, safe environment in which our children can play and learn, and we feel very lucky to have her in our children's lives. We are incredibly grateful to and for the wonderful staff at the Inwood Scribble Art Studio.

-CC, parent

"We love Scribble!"

My 5 yo son Noah has always been into art so when he had his last birthday, we searched all around and found Scribble. We had an amazing party there and quickly after, joined regular classes. He has such a wonderful time in class and loves his teacher Emily. She is so caring and talented and works in an amazing way with the kids. Plan to continue at Scribble for many years to come.

-KW, Parent

"The works by the two dozen 'Mini Scribblers' is not paint-by-numbers hackery, but bona-fide paintings"

For example, the youngsters used their hands, butts and limbs as brushes producing “Body as Art Tool” - a four-panel piece with echoes of Rothko. The tots also produced “Drip, Drop & Pour,” a triptych reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, albeit with a wider funnel. No matter how much money it goes for, it’s art.

-New York Daily News (November 2013)

“Scribble Art Workshop have forever changed the way that our daughters see, investigate, and reflect their world.”

There is now art in everything...a mound of sand at the park, an empty cider jug, and the soup we make for dinner. The workshops have informed the way they express themselves, communicate with friends, and problem solve. They have kept our family growing, discovering, and celebrating. Baths are sillier, walks are more wondrous, and conversations are more textured.  Thank you for not merely being a center for arts education, but striving to educate our children through the arts.

-KW, parent

“Scribble Art Workshop is so much more than just a kid’s art class…”

It’s a progressive lab that encourages critical thinking and the development of social skills, self-awareness and it all manifests itself in the creation of beautiful art. What I love: Sasha doesn’t teach down to her kids. She believes that even her toddler group is capable of tackling some pretty sophisticated concepts in art. It’s evident in her studio with it’s floor-to-ceiling display of the beautiful work her students have created with a variety of materials, from professional-quality materials to found objects. At the end of each class, the children explain their work to the class, and open themselves up to a critique from their peers.  - JF, parent

“…At age two she enthusiastically tells me, "I love making art!”

I first observed Sasha in action when I brought my daughter to a miniscribbler art class. Sasha impressed me so much with how she worked improvisationally with the kids--she embraced whatever was being offered by them and worked with it, rather than imposing her own agenda upon them. And she managed to do this while still keeping a sense of authority and steering the ship. This philosophy is behind all the Scribble Art Workshop classes and has given my daughter a sense of empowerment, which is probably why at age two she enthusiastically tells me, "I love making art!"

-WH, parent