"Scribble has been a part of our family's life for four years."

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, we needed to find a safe and nurturing after-school environment for her. We were also looking for a place where she could let her "out of the box" creativity flow. When I told her that there was an edible art class, her eyes lit up. Throughout the years, when I tell people that my kids do printmaking, graffiti, woodworking, xylophone, yoga, and so on, their jaws drop. And it's not just about the classes. The thing that makes Scribble/Bread and Yoga so special is the wonderful community--caring educators and respectful youth coming together to help and encourage each other.  Listen in at the end of a class and you will hear students share their work in a gallery setting while the rest of the group gives feedback and suggestions. As a public school educator and lover of the arts, I highly recommend Scribble's programs.

-LK, parent