"Scribble Art Workshop is the art studio of my childhood dreams and now as a parent and an artist myself I get to make that dream a reality for my two young, super creative and curious kids."

I instantly connected with Sasha when I took my then two year old son to a mommy and me class just one week after moving to the Rivertowns.  A friend told me about the amazing work that Scribble was doing in our community and when I walked in I knew this place was the real deal and that I had met a kindred spirit. I love the Scribble philosophy that all people, not just children, are artists and have the capacity to be creative.  At Scribble my kids are encouraged to think outside of the box, to not be afraid to take risks with their art making, and most importantly to have fun and to enjoy the process of making art from first getting their idea to sharing and talking about their work with their peers.  Stretching your mind, being creative, making art and being an artist are magic and Scribble really gets this! I really love how the teachers emphasize that there are many ways to solve a problem, that all solutions deserve respect and attention, and that their work is important and impactful.  My kids are excited to go to Scribble (the space is so bright and beautiful and inspiring), to talk about their art and all the fun things they're learning from their incredible teachers, and they're excited to make art at home - all things that bring me so much joy as a creative person and mom.

-MS, parent