"Scribble Art Workshop is such a special part of our kids’ childhoods. "

We started taking our son to class at 18 months old and Scribble has been a part of our lives ever since! Its not just a place for "art class", its a community where our children are encouraged to color on the walls, get messy, touch and explore textures and materials, make their own art supplies, draw out of the lines (if there even are any lines) and really discover the world of art. With two kids at Scribble - one age 2 and one 4.5 - we can’t say enough about this organization.  All the teachers are incredible with our kids - its the first place we could ever leave our daughter for “drop-off” because she loves them so much. At Scribble, our kids get to do so much - they measure, mix, spray, shake, feel, roll, drop, squeeze, grow, love and learn. We are so lucky. 

-SS, parent