Fall 2018 Programming 

MINISCRIBBLERS 18mo-3yo with parent or caregiver Thursdays & Saturdays at 10am

This 45-minute class is a great opportunity for parents to guide their toddlers through the exploration of materials perfectly suited to their innate interests.   They'll be drawing with special crayons that glide on the page, using stamps big enough for feet and hands, watercolors that vividly demonstrate color-mixing, glue that's easy to spread, fabric that's soft and bright in color, scissors that are easier to hold, and the list goes on and on.  We make it a priority to seek out the best art materials for our youngest artists!  Every material and project is carefully selected to complement the unique characteristics that define "toddlerhood". This class is great for developing SOCIALIZATION, FINE & GROSS MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT, UNDERSTANDING OF CAUSE & EFFECT, LANGUAGE ACQUISITION and AN EMERGING AWARENESS OF THEMSELVES AS ARTISTS!  

SENSORY OPEN PLAY 18mo-4yo with parent or caregiver Thursdays & Saturdays at 11am

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers LOVE to touch and explore new materials.  So, why not allow them to freely pour, squish, collect and sort in the messy world of the scribble studio with other artists their age? Open play is not teacher-led but we do have a scribble teacher present to help engage your little one in the fun. Open play is great for developing SOCIALIZATION, FINE & GROSS MOTOR SKILLS, LANGUAGE ACQUISITION, AN AWARENESS OF PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF OBJECTS and of course,  JUST HAVING SOME PLAIN OL' EARLY CHILDHOOD FUN!

PRE-SCRIBBLERS 3-4yo Drop off
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 3:30pm

In this 1-hour class, pre-schoolers explore collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking. Every project is multi-layered and completed over a series of several classes ending with an art show at the conclusion of the project where we begin to verbalize our process. One of the most important goals we have for our pre-scribblers is to learn how to work amongst and COLLABORATE with other artists in the studio as well as begin to TALK ABOUT THEIR WORK & THEIR PROCESS WITH THEIR PEERS. This class is great for developing an EXPLORATION TO PROMOTE UNDERSTANDING THROUGH COMPLEX MIXED MEDIA WORK  and AN EMERGING FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT , AND SOCIAL SKILLS.

SCRIBBLERS Grades K-2 Drop off
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4:30pm

Painting | Painting is a complex and beautiful process that children love. We'll explore watercolor, acrylic, ink and other forms of mark making with a brush and without. Alternating the painting surface, material and tools will give our artists a wealth of various experiences with the art of creating work (both abstract and representational) with paint.

Sculpture | Most kids have an innate interest in building.  Sculpture is one of the foundational classes at Scribble mainly because it directly teaches to our mission: art making is about problem solving and art making is about responding to the materials in front of you in the moment.  In this class, artists will explore all types of building with a variety of materials and methods, all to teach (through experience) the most basic elements of sculpture: structural stability and aesthetic detail/interest.

SCRIBBLERS Grades 3-5 Drop off
Mondays & Wednesdays at 4pm (90 minutes) 

Printmaking | This class will give our artists experiences with both traditional and non-traditional printmaking methods including block printing with found objects, linoleum printing, mono-printing and more.  We'll print on many different surfaces including fabric and 3-d objects.  This medium is an amazing way to explore layering, color theory and most importantly (and unique to printmaking) how to utilize having multiples of one piece of artwork!

Fiber Arts | This class will focus on exploring fabric and other soft fibers for both 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional art-making. We’ll make our own paper, felt collages, felt paintings and sew our own soft sculptures. We’ll also explore designing and assembling our own small accessories like pencil cases and wallets.


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