Journalism is organized gossip. ~Edward Egglestone
Here's the gossip on us.

 "Collaborating with Scribble Art Workshop, the Village Alliance commissioned the temporary art to enliven the triangle in the two months before D.O.T. reconstructs it."
-The Villager (May 2015)

"Student art highlighted at Kennedy Museum" 
-WOUB Public Media (February 2015)

"Best New Classes For NYC Kids"
-Mommy Poppins (September 2014)

"Children's sculptures to go on display" 
-DNA Info (June 2014)

"The best young-artist incubator in NYC"
-New York Magazine Best of 2014 (April 2014)

"...the works by the two dozen “Mini Scribblers” is not paint-by-numbers hackery, but bona-fide paintings. For example, the youngsters used their hands, butts and limbs as brushes producing “Body as Art Tool” - a four-panel piece with echoes of Rothko. The tots also produced “Drip, Drop & Pour,” a triptych reminiscent of Jackson Pollack, albeit with a wider funnel. No matter how much money it goes for, it’s art.
-New York Daily News (November 2013)

"Ten sculptures from Inwood creative center Scribble Art Workshop are being placed on display around the neighborhood later this month as part of Scribble's first Sculpture Crawl."
-Manhattan Times (June 2014)

"Nearly 40 children from Scribble Art Workshop have created a wondrous village of clay figurines living small structures made of twigs and leaves."
-Manhattan Times (June 2014)

"Scribble Art Workshop has quickly become ‘the’ space for people to exhibit and talk about their art, give back and learn through experimenting. Visit any one of Scribble’s classes with your child in tow, and you’ll see his or her peers fully engaged. You may want to roll up your sleeves too."
-Manhattan Times (January 2014)

"The Method I like best of all is Sasha’s teaching style, so respectful of each young artist’s expression. Sasha enthusiastically brings kids to inspirational spaces and gives them supplies and direction, and then the art happens."
-Media Macaroni (June 2013)

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