Hirut Ruth Yosef is an Illustrator, Fashion Designer and Graphic Artist from Israel. She was born in the city of Gonder in Ethiopia. Her family immigrated to Israel in 1984 hoping for a better future. In 2005 she graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design with a B.A in Fashion Design. Determined to follow her dreams and passion she moved to Istanbul leaving everything she knew behind. While there she worked in fashion and also started working on a series of colorful illustrations which she named Mulu and The Beta Clan. Hirut draws her inspiration from various sources and life experiences. Some of her biggest inspirations would be her Ethiopian mother and grandmother, her African roots and her lifetime love for street art and old school American hip hop and soul culture. In the past 3 years since she came to New York, she found her passion in providing private art lessons to children of all ages and backgrounds.