Bookmaking has been an art form for thousands of years but has recently become a chosen medium of many contemporary artists. In this workshop, we will explore the art of the handmade book through collage, drawing, painting and paper sculpture. Students will learn how to create beautiful and interesting books with or without words using inspiring materials and a lot of creativity!
DOBBS FERRY on Tuesdays at 3:30pm SIGN UP


Painting is a complex and beautiful process that children love. We'll explore gouache, watercolor, acrylic, ink and other forms of mark making with a brush and without. Alternating the painting surface, material and tools will give our artists a wealth of various experiences with the art of creating work (both abstract and representational) with paint.
DOBBS FERRY on Wednesdays at 3:30pm SIGN UP
INWOOD on Wednesdays at 4:30pm SIGN UP

Most kids have an innate interest in building.  Sculpture is one of the foundational classes at scribble mainly because it directly teaches to our mission: art making is about problem solving and art making is about responding to the materials in front of you in the moment.  In this class, artists will explore all types of building with a variety of materials and methods, all to teach (through experience) the most basic elements of sculpture: structural stability and aesthetic detail/interest.
DOBBS FERRY on Fridays at 3:30pm SIGN UP

So much for telling your kids not to play with their food!  This class is all about using our hands to make art with our food.  We’ll be making sculptures, paintings, collages and more, all with food as our material.  In addition to this, we’ll be learning about the chemistry of food: how does dough rise into a 3-dimensional sculpture?  How can we use the transition from liquid to solid in order to make some amazingly edible drawings?  How can we use melting to create paintings?  Rethink food and rethink the cooking process!
INWOOD on Tuesdays at 3:30pm SIGN UP


What ever happened to wood shop being a subject at school?  Don’t worry!  We have it right here in our art studio.  In this class, students will learn the basics of working with wood including how to safely cut it down to size using simple tools, assembling pieces into a whole using both power tools and other adhesives, and creating an interesting finish using stains, sanding processes and paints.  Artists will explore both fine art wooden sculpture as well as small functional objects.
INWOOD on Mondays at 3:30pm SIGN UP
 on Thursdays at 4pm


This is fashion design with a scribble twist. We'll be exploring a wide variety of wearable art including making wallets and accessories out of fabric & non-traditional materials, silk-screening bags and t-shirts, as well as sewing recycled fabrics to make new garments. Lastly, we'll play around with some dyes to make our own custom-colored fabric!
INWOOD on Fridays at 3:30pm SIGN UP
 on Fridays at 4:30pm


This class will be all about tapping into the human instinct to make beautiful things that we hold in, dolls/superheroes, sketchbooks, tutus/capes, instruments; all will be hand-made by our artists. Students will use beautiful materials to explore their own methods of creation while working to maintain a certain sense of functionality in the pieces we make.

Science meets cooking meets art in this newly created (and LOVED!) class. We'll be making our own paper, paint, crayons, chalk, play-dough, stretching our own canvases, and more! This class focuses on making high quality art materials and experimenting with our concoctions.

FOR 4'S + 5'S
This class is designed with kindergartners (and almost kindergartners) in mind. This age is truly the point at which art education plays a pivotal role in developing a child's passion for learning, exploring, experimenting and problem-solving. This class holds our signature because of the transition of the "scribble" at this age from an exploration in mark making to a vehicle of expression. We'll explore all types of art making including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and more. We also incorporate our daily "art show" into this class where children display their work to their peers and discuss what they see.

This class will explore the full range of typographical art from the early days of graphic design and font invention, to the modern tags we see around the neighborhood. We’ll be investigating and mastering the art of letters.

This class will focus on building kinetic sculptures including mobiles, small toys as well as integrating sculpture with small motors! We'll focus on encouraging innovative ideas and then work on realizing those concepts with concrete building methods…a great class for kids who are into robots, creatures, and machines! Now, they can create their own.

This class was inspired by the excitement we get from making beautiful things that we can use! Well be making felt, using fabric to create a quilt, making small accessories like bags and wallets, making dolls (with their own outfits) and making our own beads to create beautiful jewelry.

Photography is an art form that touches upon SO many aspects of being an artist.  It all starts with the careful observation of the world around you, finding an image that you find worth capturing and then displaying that image to an audience in a creative way.  This class will explore all these essential artistic practices using digital cameras and “old-school” methods in which to edit and manipulate our images for the world to see.  This class will explore scale, color theory, composition and editing all through the lens!

This class will give our artists experiences with both traditional and non-traditional printmaking methods including block printing with found objects, linoleum printing, mono-printing and more.  We'll print on many different surfaces including fabric and 3-d objects.  This medium is an amazing way to explore layering, color theory and most importantly (and unique to printmaking) how to utilize having multiples of one piece of artwork!

This class will be working on large-scale artwork for public installation. Our 2 projects will focus on creating a mural for the yoga studio (including sketches, transferring onto the wall and painting) as well as designing a temporary piece of artwork (sculpture, mosaic, mural, we'll discuss as a group) for the parks department in our community.

A integral aspect of Scribble has ALWAYS been the exhibition.  What artist would want to miss out on the most exciting and gratifying part of being an artist: sharing our work with the world!  This class will focus on creating large-scale collaborative pieces that are slated for exhibition in public spaces.  Students will not only make the work but also learn about and participate in the curatorial process including hanging & labeling work and promoting the exhibit.

This workshop is, in many ways, the essence of art-making…it's all about having an idea and realizing it to its ultimate fruition. Students will conceive of a production including characters, settings, plot, props, promotional materials and then CREATE it all! This class includes drawing, painting, sculpture and drama…a great class for the artist who just loves to make things.

How can we tell a story with artwork as the storyteller?  There are SO many answers to this question and this class just scratches the surface of those possibilities.  We’ll begin with illustration including traditional and unconventional methods of expressing a plot using various types of paint, drawing tools and collage methods.  We’ll then move on to integrating voice recordings and sculptures to tell a second story.  Finally, we’ll create a collaborative art piece/installation complete with a setting and multi-media performance.

This workshop will focus on all of the artistic medium used to create 2-dimensional artwork including pencils, paint, ink, markers, crayons and paper. There are so many creative possibilities in using these materials individually or in combination. We'll also be adding another P to this equation: PAL…we're taking the concept of "the pen pal" to an artistic level! We'll be collaborating with working artists and art students to send flat art back and forth to create collaborative pieces of work.

This class combines our 2 most popular classes into one amazing experience: conceiving of our own toys and then making them move (or appear to be moving).  We’ll be creating small scale figurines and using them to make stop animation films, making kinetic toys that move on their own, as well as push and pull toys that need the hand of the “player”.   We’ll also be exploring packaging design as we complete each piece of work.

Did you know that Alexander Calder, the famous “mobilist” began his life as a toy-maker? This class is a play on sculpture. We’ll be building doll houses, making mechanical toys, kinetic mobiles, stuffed animals and more! A great way to learn the fundamentals of sculpture while creating a usable and functional piece of artwork.

This class teaches the essentials of any artists’ tool kit. We'll be learning about composition, color theory, concept and design through traditional and non- traditional methods of printmaking, drawing, painting and collage!

A huge part of being an artist is transforming everyday materials with creativity and hard work! This class will be all about taking materials that could be perceived as garbage and using them to create beautiful pieces of artwork. This is recycling as an art form...making jewelry, sculptures, drawings and paintings out of everyday recyclable objects!

This is fashion design with a scribble twist. We'll be exploring a wide variety of wearable art including making wallets and accessories out of fabric & non-traditional materials, silk-screening bags and t-shirts, as well as sewing recycled fabrics to make new garments. Lastly, we'll play around with some dyes to make our own custom-colored fabric!

Being a good artist does not mean you are simply good at drawing. It's all about having a great idea and demonstrating it in a visual way. Artists use many different methods to express their concepts. They have many tools in their toolbox.  This workshop will provide your children with some of these tools. Students will get to experience many types of art-making including drawing, painting, collage, assemblage and photography.