Over, Under, Repeat

This project is all about creating your own textiles and an easy at home loom for your budding artist. This project is especially great if you child likes a rainbow loom but wants being and different shapes.


String (assorted colors to make a pattern, a piece of cardboard, scissors)

Step One:
Begin by cutting small tabs onto two opposite sides of the cardboard. The more tabs, the tighter the weave will be.


Step Two:
Cut a long piece of string and then at the first tab string the thread and wrap around the cardboard (see last picture for how it should look once you’ve finished). This creates the grid you will weave on.

Step Three:
Cut another long piece of string to begin weaving with and knot to starting corner of your board. This part you might have to help your artist to tie a knot. Now starts the weaving! Start the mantra of “Over, Under, Repeat”.  Show under to pull the string over and then under, pulling tight and going back and forth.

Close Up!

This project is a good train/car ride activity and shows the importance of making your own materials! A great introduction of weaving and sewing. Happy weaving and creating!