Finger Knitting Good

Finger knitting is a good introduction into knitting for kids and way less intimidating.  This is a great craft for young artists to learn because the most important tool they use is their hands! Not only is this craft fun but they can wear what they make. The results are endless.


Ingredients: scissors, yarn of choice, and hands!


Step One:
Take end of yarn and hold between thumb and index finger.

Step Two:
Next weave the yarn over the index, under the middle, over the ring and under the pinky.

Step Three:
Time to bring the string back to the index by weaving over the pinky, under the ring, over the middle and then under the index finger.

Step Four:
Repeat steps two and three so that you have two lines of loop over each finger as seen above. Rest the end of the string between the thumb.

Step Five:
Next, starting with the pinky, take the bottom of the two loops and pull it over the top loop and over the tip of the finger as seen above. Do this to all fingers. The index might be a little tricky because its the end of the yarn, but just go slow!

(This part took me a couple of times to master so don’t sweat the mistakes!)

Step Six:
Now you should be back to have only one line of loops over each finger.

Back view of what it should look like in the beginning.

Now you will continue steps two through five, continuing the mantra“over, under, over, under, reverse”. And always start with the pinky first when pulling over the bottom loop.

Here is mine starting to become something.


The end step!
Once you have gotten to your desired length, its time to cast off (as they call it). Make sure you have only a single loop on each finger then take the loop from your pinky, and put it on your ring finger. Pull the bottom loop up from your ring finger and over to the back of your hand. Once the knit is off all your fingers, cut it loose from your ball of yarn. Take the end piece and pull it through the final loop and then pull tight. See pictures below for steps.


Now you have an awesome bracelet, scarf or whatever you want it to be! This is another great activity for the train, car, or a whenever really. Now if you or your little artist is like me, this can be a big challenge at first to work out how to do it but don’t give up!! Once you figure it out, it’s so worth the struggle, which is a perfect lesson in itself!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will get right back to you!