Scribble knows how to party.
If you'd like to host a party at our Inwood studio click here. If you'd like to host a party at our Hastings studio or at your place, fill out the info sheet below. Pricing for a party at your place is $200 for a one-hour art activity + $5/child for materials for up to 14 kids.  Each additional child after 14, will be $10/child. We have plenty of creative options for your artists starting at 18 months. We can provide a simply wonderful one-hour art activity or a more extensive experience (including customized decorations, invitations and goody bags!). Party options include (but are not limited to):

Party like a:
*Collagist (make mixed-media collages)
*Painter (make paintings on canvas)
*Fashion Designer (make wallets/jewelry/accessories)
*Game Designer (make board games)
*Ballerina (make tutus and wands)
*Superhero (make capes and comic books)
*Builder (make sculptures)

OR fill in the blank.  What type of artist is your scribbler?  Let us know and we can design a party around his/her interests! Use the contact form below for more information about pricing and availability.

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What does your artist enjoy?

About Your Party

Where is your party? At home or at a public space?

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